Hallowtree has a range of indoor spaces available.


The Main Building

The Main Building consists of a large hall, a smaller hall, a meeting room and several smaller rooms. The building is available to be booked as a whole, or in parts. Camp sites A and B are situated adjacent to the main building, making this an ideal supporting space for larger camps or events.

Both the large and small halls are equipped with full kitchens. Within the building are male and female lavatories and adjoining is a newly built toilet and shower block.

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The Raven Hut

The raven hut is an 11m x 7.5m hall which also features a fully fitted kitchen. There is also a smaller room which can be used for storage or for leaders quarters if the building is being used as a bunk house. The hall contains 70 stackable chairs and 10 tables.

This building is perfect for use as a wet-weather base, a winter camp location or just for an evening meeting. It is part of Campsite J and is adjacent to the toilet/shower block as well as being within easy reach of the campfire circle, main field and the River Orwell.

The Raven Hut is very useful for large camps when booked with Campsites I, J and K.

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The Wendy Hut 

The Wendy Hut is a 7m x 4m wooden cabin situated near to the toilet/shower block, near the campfire circle and close to parking areas. 

It is a useful shelter for campsite H. It has a kitchen with electric oven, gas hob, microwave and fridge freezer.

The cabin comes equipped with 30 chairs and 6 tables. It is also wheelchair accessible.

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